Preventing Jaw Surgery

Common Problems:
Preventing Jaw Surgery

At Frigo Orthodontics, we prioritize kindness in our approach to complex orthodontic problems, including jaw issues. Unlike some orthodontists who push for jaw surgery, we focus on non-invasive alternatives to surgery whenever possible.

Suppose another orthodontist has advised you to undergo surgery before starting orthodontic treatment. In that case, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us. Our cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques allow us to avoid surgery for most of our patients.

Common Jaw Problems

A properly aligned bite with upper and lower jaws is crucial for comfortable chewing, clear speech, and oral health. Unfortunately, many individuals experience jaw problems, leading to discomfort, speech difficulties, and an increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Here are some of the common jaw problems we frequently encounter:

  • Underbite: This condition occurs when the lower jaw protrudes further forward than usual, making the lower teeth rest in front of the upper teeth.
  • Excessive overbite: An extreme overbite results from the top teeth biting over the bottom teeth, often indicating misalignment and barely visible lower teeth.
  • Protruding teeth: Protruding teeth happen when the upper jaw extends too far forward relative to the lower jaw, with extreme cases causing the upper teeth to rest outside the bottom lip.
  • Crowded or gapped teeth: Jaw size mismatched with teeth can lead to crowded or spaced-out teeth, resulting in overlapping, crookedness, or gaps between teeth.

What is Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Orthognathic surgery, more commonly known as corrective jaw surgery, is an invasive procedure that aims to correct severe jaw irregularities and facial deformities. While many orthodontists may recommend surgery before treatment, our approach at Frigo Orthodontics is always to explore non-surgical options first.

Why is it a Common Problem

Even if multiple orthodontists have told you that surgery is necessary, it may not be the case. Our experienced orthodontists will carefully evaluate your condition to determine your least invasive and most effective treatment plan.

Jaw surgery is highly problematic due to its invasiveness, associated pain, lengthy recovery period, and expensive price tag. This procedure can be daunting and even traumatizing, especially for children and teens who may already be afraid of the dentist. The recovery period alone can take anywhere from two months to a year– and this is just in preparation for orthodontic treatment.

At Frigo Orthodontics, we aim to empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Before you start your orthodontic journey, you should know that jaw surgery is likely unnecessary.

How Do We Avoid Jaw Surgery?

Our main goal is to provide exceptional orthodontic care while minimizing the need for invasive procedures like surgery. We offer alternative, non-surgical options to the majority of our patients.

Our approach combines two cutting-edge advancements in orthodontics: the Damon Ultima System™ and TADs. The first is the world’s most technologically advanced bracket system, which ensures precise tooth placement. The second, TADs, or Temporary Anchorage Devices, are championed by renowned Taiwanese orthodontist Chris Chang. These revolutionary appliances enable the simultaneous movement of multiple teeth. This dynamic blend allows us to achieve results that surpass the effects of jaw surgery.

When is Surgery Necessary?

While rare, there may be cases where jaw surgery is necessary, particularly when the patient has severe facial deformities or has an incorrectly developed lower jaw. Nonetheless, our experienced orthodontists will thoroughly assess your condition and explore all available options before considering surgery.

Rest assured that invasive treatments are rare and only considered in severe cases. Everyone’s situation is unique, and we are dedicated to providing compassionate, personalized care to all our patients.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn how we can provide life-changing orthodontic treatment naturally– without jaw surgery—your journey to a confident, beautiful smile begins here at Frigo Orthodontics.